Leslie A.M. Smith

Loving to acquire new creative outlets every year, I think writing is
the most nimble of all crafts.
Knitting words together to tell a great story or create a whole new world. Sewing the pattern of a great plot, or distilling a story to a few concise words.
The art is in the craft. 


January 03, 2016by: Leslie A.m. Smith
Welcome! I'm Leslie A.M. Smith, a writer first and foremost. I use my skills mostly in my public relations consulting business, McCormick L.A., but enjoy writing in many forms--personal essays, news articles, short stories, novels, and more. I also dabble in a number of hand crafts, and have since I can remember. When I was very young and shopping with my mom, she'd point out something that was adorable and over-priced and say, "You can make that." She'd subsequently buy me a few craft supplies and set me up at the breakfast bar to get to work. Some results were better than others, but I kept at it. 

This mosaic was a table top for a little girl tea party set that was auctioned at a ballet studio's fundraiser a few years ago. Mosaic is just one of the things I enjoy doing. I love the way the bits and pieces come together to form a bigger picture. 
“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
Benjamin Franklin

Words and Crafts

  • Good-ish things in 2016 

    This past week there have been numerous posts about how bad 2016 was. I agree that it would have been nice if the most controversial debate was whether females could be Ghostbusters, but it just wasn’t that kind of year. Sure, the loss of so many very talented people was heart-wrenching, and shocking. And the election season (all year) was tumultuous, but there were some good things, weren’t there? Good-like? Good-ish?  For example, we had the Olympics in Brazil and there was not the outbreak of the Zica virus dispersed throughout the world like we feared. There also weren’t horrible cases of dysentery, or worse, from those participating in the beach water sports that weren’t quite meeting the standards of clean water. There was an incident involving American swimmers and a gas station, and stories that wavered between vandals and heroes, but it seems like that ended up okay. Let us not forget about the launch of Pokemon Go! It was a good thing … wasn’t it? Beyond causing people to walk off cliffs, interrupting funerals, and luring peeps into dangerous situations, it provided hours of enjoyment and encouraged kids to go outside and exercise. Yes, we will cling to those benefits. Yay 2016! We learned so much about our American history this year—at least about the forming of the treasury department. That’s thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda, of course, and a little play he wrote called “Hamilton,” which won 2016’s Pulitzer Prize for Drama, and multiple other awards. Maybe he can write another called “The Electoral College” since a large part of our voting population seemed to be absent when this was explained in their civics classes. Apparently, too many missed this title from the Schoolhouse Rock repertoire. Harry Potter came back in the form of a play, published as a book, called Harry Potter and The Cursed Child (Playwrights: J. K. Rowling, Jack Thorne, John Tiffany). I personally loved it! The play itself was performed on the stage in London with rave reviews. J.K. Rowling’s magical world was also expanded on the screen in 2016 with the screening of the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which is still on my list to see. Congratulations to you Cubs fans for finally breaking the streak and winning the World Series! The year ended with the popularity of a high-touch-tech toy called Hatchimals. Cute little creatures that hatch from an egg after being played with and then continue to need the tender loving care of its parent as it progresses. It’s not supposed to be as annoying as a Furby, but definitely requires some care. If your child can’t keep a plant alive, I wouldn’t recommend a Hatchimal. The ticket prices is only $59.99 for a whole lot of technology packed into a shoebox sized toy, but a 4” plant from the local garden center is less than $5. Cheers to 2017 and try to keep your eye on the marvels of life, and the good-ish things that happen.

  • 2016's Xmas Gift Craft 

    Each year I try to make something for a craft for my friends. Some years they are wonderful, and other years they sort of look like pre-school projects that weren't thought through all the way. Ha!

    For 2016 I chose a craft I had done before that I remembered as being easy and was presentable as a gift.

    Everyone loves candles, don't they? This craft capitalizes on the pliable nature of copper coiling and the quick drying permanences of Quik-crete. 

    This idea was not my own, but I'd love to claim it. It was from a guest crafter on the Christopher Lowell Show in the 1990's. Did you watch that show? It was one of the first good decorating shows and I used to tape it and watch five episodes on the weekends. 

    I do believe they were appreciated and I will make them again in the future. 


Leslie A.M. Smith